Top 10 Experiences at The Fives Azul Beach Resort

10. Sendero Maya

Walking the path of the Mayan gods during the folkloric performance of Sendero Maya.

9. Spider Monkeys

Strolling through the mangroves and spotting a family of spider monkeys.

8. Gin Bar

Toasting to the perfect vacation with expertly prepared gin and tonics from the Gin Bar.

7. Infinity Pool

Relaxing at the edge of paradise in our infinity pool.

6. Penthouse Views

Witnessing the golden sunset from the balcony of your Penthouse.

5. Beach Yoga

Taking a restorative yoga class on the white sand beach.

4. 1910

Attending a tasting of Mexico’s best tequilas and mezcals at 1910.

3. Breakfast Tacos

Enjoying breakfast tacos at the Plaza made by the inimitable Doña Maria.

2. Dinner Experience

Being led into a thrilling sensorial dinner experience while blindfolded.

1. Casa de Rosa

Indulging in an authentic Mexican cooking class and unforgettable dinner at Casa de Rosa.

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